While Turkey and a major part of the world is gradually returning to offices, we maintain our full commitment to our mission: Creating "fine" working spaces where you can work and gather safely and enjoyably. Now more than ever, we feel a responsibility to create and support the togetherness of our community in a healthy way. We would like to share with you the actions that we take to return safely to the days we worked and produced together , while uninterruptedly continuing to provide you with our online or distant services.

Assembly We regularly hold training sessions with our OHS expert and company doctor to provide you with our services in the most proper way possible as a team.
Assembly Shoe bottoms are disinfected using antibacterial carpets in front of the entrance gates of the Club Floor.
Assembly Maintenance of all Fan Coil units are completed, and anti-legionella tablets are used to ensure cleanliness and sterilization of filters and air ways.
Assembly At the reception of the Club Floor, your fever is measured and a mask is provided if you do not have one.
Assembly All areas and surfaces are cleaned regularly with nanotechnology health shields.
Assembly The items you carry with you, such as mobile phones, entrance cards, etc., are sterilized with a UVC sterilizer.
Assembly Disinfectants will be available in all areas and their use will be encouraged.
Assembly It is ensured that all incoming cargo and courier shipments are passed through a UVC sterilizer and stored in and distributed from the backside area behind the Lounge.
Assembly Necessary actions for maintaining social distance are taken with our working space ergonomics consultants.
Assembly In our shared working spaces, we pay attention to keeping a distance of minimum 1.80 m 1.80 between people, which is regarded as a standard distance by authorities as well, and the user density in our shared areas is kept under control also through the use of multi-use areas.
Assembly Minimization of contact is ensured by using an office roadmap that shows separate entrance and exit gates for the Lounge area.
Assembly It is ensured through warnings that maximum 2 people use the restrooms in shared areas at the same time, and the frequency of the routine cleaning / disinfection is increased.
Assembly In our F&B areas, single-use products are provided to our guests who prefer to use them, and it is ensured that only our authorized service personnel stand behind our F&B desk, and services are provided to our members from there.
Assembly Our video conference devices and rooms are made available upon reservation.

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